Is Solar Powered Air Conditioning Worth It?

There is something that probably every homeowner in our area has in common. They want to save money where they can, and they probably think they’re paying way too much for their air conditioning needs–especially at the height of summer.

We get it! It makes sense you’d want to find ways to save money on your air conditioner, and there are many methods to do so. Professional installation, for starters, is important. Only an experienced and highly trained HVAC technician understands all the nuances involved in AC installation.

Beyond that, the type of system you choose will impact efficiency, as well as how you use it and how often you have it professionally maintained.

If you’re truly open to all options on how to save on your monthly utility bills, then you’d do well to consider solar-powered air conditioning. Yes, it’s worth it–read on to learn more!

“Greener” Air Conditioning Practices

More and more homeowners are becoming environmentally aware and environmentally friendly. HVAC manufacturers are becoming aware of this too, making refrigerants safer and more eco-friendly too.

Still though, what if you could make your air conditioning use even more eco-friendly?

Well, you can! Think about it–the energy you get from the sun is infinitely renewable–you never run out of it. So unlike a fuel like gasoline in a car, this can’t be depleted. And unlike refrigerant or electricity, it doesn’t put as much stress on the environment. Now, your solar-powered air conditioner is still going to use both refrigerant and electricity, but with a much smaller footprint than a non-solar AC system.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you get to skip out on professional maintenance! Your air conditioner will still experience wear and tear over the years, no matter how efficiently it’s operating. Maintenance helps it work even more efficiently, protects its lifespan, and reduces repair needs.

A Safe Investment

Solar energy is a safe investment. And goodness knows that there are some sketchy investments people can make!

Installing solar panels isn’t one of them though. Solar panels are a bit pricey to have installed, which is of course a factor you’ll want to consider, but in exchange for this investment, you’ll see a huge saving on your utility bills each month.

Plus, setting up solar panels for your air conditioner and even your heater opens up a lot more things you can do with solar energy. Pretty much everything in your home that operates on electricity can operate on solar energy!

And throughout the years, the use of your solar panels will result in you saving hundreds of dollars. Additionally, since solar panels can operate for decades, you’ll be able to enjoy these savings throughout your homeowners, without the need to worry about the cost and inconvenience of replacing panels.

We’re happy to talk to you more about how solar energy can not only benefit your air conditioning use but also your overall home comfort!

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